You might not believe it right away but lawyers, too, are talking about robots – law robots. Quickly thinking you can only wonder but in the end it is only about the fact that if you are not competitive enough in price and efficiency, someone else will take your job. Reliability of delivery, efficiency and price are central to lawyers’ customers, too.

Even now, the successful automatization of the most routine tasks and consultations is a reality. Even Risto Siilasmaa has joked about this subject at Nokia’s company meeting, so it has to be believed that humans are not necessary for the handling of all legal tasks. Despite all the fears, one must look truth in the eye and admit that a robot can search for needed information and solve increasingly challenging matters much more efficiently than any human in the world.

As lawyers we have always thought that in Finland we are protected by national legislation and a difficult language that foreigners cannot understand or apply. Now we are talking about a robot that is not bound to any nationality or language, so the borders are open. I wonder if this will eventually lead to the same thing that has happened in manufacturing, where work started to transfer from Finland, where costs and productivity are high, to countries where production is cheaper? This is certainly bound to happen if we do not react fast enough.

This is how the robots revolutionize the world when the computing power rises. Traditional expert fields are no longer safe. Could you have believed in the nineties that a machine performs eye surgery or that human employees are only needed in warehouses to supervise robots in case of possible disorders? We can no longer close our eyes and wait, but we must strive to be a good partner for our customers in the future, too: we must use technology to be even more efficient and high-quality than before without forgetting the quality of our customer service.

Although we are worried as lawyers, you can be satisfied as a customer, since the winner of this competition, too, is the customer, who will receive higher quality and better service with lower prices in the future.

However, we believe that traditional situations such as trials and demanding contracts and negotiations that connect broad areas of content will still remain in human hands – or how would you feel about a trial or an estate inventory meeting in the midst of robots?

Have a good and sunny summer, let us have vacuum robots, lawn mover robots and other gadgets make our holiday even more relaxing!

Jussi Laakkonen

Fenno Attorneys at Law