Project Description

Laakkonen Jussi

Attorney-at-law, Partner

Phone +358 40 501 1692 / +358 10 504 9022

Jussi Laakkonen has broad experience in consulting companies and entrepreneurs in different phases of the company’s life cycle ranging from foundation to acquisitions. Laakkonen consults businesses on several different fields ranging from start-ups to listed companies. Laakkonen has a broad range of experience in legislation related to financing and collaterals.

Laakkonen has consulted the boards of many companies and himself acted in several boards of directors as secretary. Laakkonen also handles tasks related to insolvency law, acting as bankruptcy estate manager and debt restructuring process administrator. Customers often thank Laakkonen for his flexibility, negotiation skills and his solution-seeking attitude.

He also has a broad knowledge of financial matters, which supports his understanding of managing business-related problems and the risk management of companies.

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