When my neighbours saw me leave home after 7 a.m. dressed in training shoes and tights with a gym bag on my shoulder, they probably could not guess that I was heading to work. I think they would have been even more surprised to hear that that August Monday was my first workday at attorneys at law. I have now been working for over a year at Fenno’s office in Jyväskylä, where each week starts with the whole office staff going for a morning run together. I have three attorneys-at-law, one lawyer and two assistants as my colleagues in Jyväskylä.

The morning run is a fun detail in the ordinary life of the office, but it also tells about the relaxed atmosphere of the workplace, as well as the firm’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. The office has flexible working hours and it has been easy to fit work and studies together. I live and work in Jyväskylä, but study in Helsinki. I have been working part-time during the academic years, about three days a week. At Fenno, they have encouraged me to advance in my studies and the workdays have been planned to make it possible for me to get to Helsinki whenever necessary. In addition to the working hours, my wishes are also taken into consideration when choosing my work tasks. I have been very pleased with the multitude of different tasks I have been allowed to perform during this year. They also take care of the development of employees here, and I, too, have received new work tasks and more responsibility as I have mastered previous tasks. So far I have gotten to assist lawyers on almost all fields of law that our office handles. I like that the workdays are diverse and I only rarely sit the whole day at the office working on the same assignment.

If you want to be a law student trainee at Fenno, I don’t think you need to worry about what kind of courses you have already taken. You learn this work best by doing it and you will get help if you ask. Suitably challenging tasks are certainly available regardless of your class or how far you are in your studies. I think the most important thing is having an willing-to-learn, active and enthusiastic attitude toward new things. Since there sometimes is quite a lot of work, being organized, efficient and able to withstand stress are also important attributes in this work. It has been great to notice that in our firm the contribution of each employee is esteemed regardless of their title, and you can discuss the same things with partners as you can with law student trainees. If you want to work at a youthful office with nice people who have a sense of humour, apply to work with us.

Ilmi Havas, Bachelor of Laws