Our associate Päivi Heinonen participated ERA’s Young Lawyers Contest in Trier Germany.

ERA (European Law Academy) provides specialised training programmes and a forum for debate in all areas of European law. The contest was co-funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union 2014-2020 and its main aim was to bring together future lawyers from different European countries at a time when they are undergoing entry level training to enable them to share common values and to exchange new experiences and discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest.

The Young Lawyers Contest gave excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from different European countries, exchange views and practise legal skills. Key topics at the Contest in this year were Criminal law and public procurement, Fundamental rights, Company law and Data protection. 31 contestants from 17 countries were selected and grouped into teams of mixed nationalities. Päivi has studied EU law during her studies at the University of Turku and when she was exchange student in France. This year she was selected to represent Finland at the Contest. “After all it wasn’t easy task, but it was worth it.” – Päivi says.

At the Contest there were different tasks. First, her team submitted written report on the relationship between Criminal Law and Public Procurement. Then, first round was oral defence session of the written report. Second round was negotiation exercise on company law and third round was Moot Court exercise on criminal law.

“This was a great opportunity to challenge my advocacy and negotiation skills in practice and it gave me very valuable experience for the future. I recommend this Contest to all of you who are interested to improve your legal skills in international environment.” – Päivi says.

More information https://younglawyerscontest.eu and https://era.int

News photo by ERA – Academy of European Law