PixMill Group Oy is part of PunaMusta.

Pixmill makes large format prints for a wide sector. Following the acquisition, the company has operations in Helsinki, Vantaa, Tallinn, Tampere, Oulu, Joensuu and Forssa. PixMill Group Oy has all the quality certificates.

The company ran into difficulties in 2015 and PixMill had to apply for corporate restructuring. Fenno helped on an accelerated schedule with a corporate restructuring arrangement that was done on a one-month schedule and was completed in January 2016. The company’s profitability improved and the restructuring program was able to be followed until 2020.

The corporate restructuring program was terminated prematurely and PixMill Group Oy became part of PunaMusta.

“Yes, Fenno’s services have been everything to us.”

– Sami Pulkkinen / Business Director / PixMill Group Oy

Keski-Uusimaa Development Center, Keuke, helps Keski-Uusimaa companies to develop and grow by providing business advisory services for the entire life cycle of companies. Keuke operates in the municipalities of Pornainen, Sipoo, Järvenpää, Kerava, Tuusula, Nurmijärvi and Karkkila.

Keuke is the most important development partner for companies, ie when an entrepreneur thinks he needs help with development or growth, Keuke is the one to contact.

“It’s really important to us that we don’t do this work alone. Fenno has been a really important partner for us, especially in changes of ownership, acquisitions and other legal matters.”

Elina Pekkarinen, CEO,
Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus Oy

“Based on customer feedback through customer management
Fenno’s services have been of a very high quality and customers have been satisfied.”

Petri Ovaska, business developer,
Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus Oy

Oppiva Invest is a state-owned special financing company that finances companies operating in the education industries with capital loans. The company was founded in 2019 and the operational business was started in 2020. Oppiva Invest has been cooperating with Fenno since the early stages of the company. The company’s strategy states that all critical expert services are outsourced.

“I can warmly recommend Fenno.”

“Fenno has been able to help and serve in very different needs and stages according to its own values. It is really important to us as a small company that we have a reliable partner with whom it is easy to work with. Cooperation is open, interactive and flexible in terms of pricing and other issues. It has been important that we have received a principal customer manager from Fenno. I can warmly recommend Fenno. ”

Titta Mantila, CEO,
Oppiva Invest Oy

Atma Trade owns the Laplandia Market border store in Nuijamaa and the Grande Orchidee shopping center in Lappeenranta. The business is based on retail sales to the Russian market. Founded in 2003, Laplandia Market is known for e.g. own brands as well as products not available in other stores. Perhaps the most special and beautiful shopping center in Finland, Grande Orchidée, was opened in 2014.

“It felt like there was experience and more humanity behind it.”

“The challenge came for the first time in 2014-2015 when the ruble had collapsed. It significantly affected our Laplandia Market operations. Our sales dropped 65 to 70 percent. The only solution then with the banks was to make a restructuring program. We started in collaboration with Fenno. At first I was honestly scared because this was a new thing for me. I didn’t know what it meant, how harsh it could be for businesses and whether I would lose grip of my own business. I found the thing a lot easier than I thought. Things had been arranged very sensibly and it felt like there was experience and more humanity behind it. I definitely recommend Fenno. ”

Mohamad Darwich, CEO,
Atma Trade Oy

Rakennuskemia is a well-established family company that develops, sells and markets construction, renovation and home care products in Finland and internationally. Most of the products in the building chemicals family are familiar to us on store shelves. As Fennoans, we are very pleased to be able to work with innovative internationalizing companies such as Rakennuskemia!

“We always know what we pay for”

“The feeling I most get from our cooperation is fairness and honesty The people at Fenno are easy to reach, they are willing to serve and stick to what has been agreed. We handle contract law issues on both national and international level together – and the help we receive in e.g. drawing up patent acquisition purchase contracts and supply agreements for factories is invaluable. Transparent pricing makes buying services easy – we always know what we get and what we pay for.

Mikko Ikonen, CEO,
Rakennuskemia Oy

OP Keski-Suomi

“Activity, expertise and high quality customer experience”

“We have been guiding our clients to Fenno since 2015. Among other things, Fenno has handled our clients’ testimonies, wills and inheritances throughout our area. Their approach is very active and knowledgeable. They are able to provide our customers with a good service experience, which is a prerequisite for our operations. The cooperation with Fenno has been very smooth from the beginning and we are very pleased with the way our partner works.”

Juhana Jacksén, bank manager,
OP Keski-Suomi

Matricomp Oy is an engineering company specialized in manufacturing technology and design, offering its clients services from product idea to finished product. In addition, Matricomp Oy is known for its expertise in composite. Matricomp Oy’s designers are known for their composite products and solutions both in Finland and internationally.

“Matricomp offers its customers advanced technical design and calculation services for challenging mechanical structures. Matricomp specializes in strength calculations of carbon fibre composite structures and in mechanical design. We appreciate the fact that our lawyer always takes the matters related to our field of business into account as a complement to the legal services. Since we are an innovative company of experts, it is important for us to have an innovative and flexible attorneys at law handle our domestic and international matters.”

Antti Elo, CEO,
Matricomp Oy

Metsä-Multia Oy is known for its comprehensive, reliable, biodiversity-friendly service in the logging industry. Metsä-Multia Oy currently employs about 70 forest professionals. In January 2017, Metsä-Multia Oy and its entrepreneurial brothers Aki and Kai Laaja received the Central Finland Entrepreneurship Award.

Ratsastuskeskus Aino is an exceptional equestrian center in Finland, which combines an internationally competitive racing milieu with over 1,000 spectators, a riding school, conference facilities and a restaurant under one roof. Two heated mannequins add to the enjoyment of riding.

Horses and horseback riding are part of many Fenno’s everyday lives, and we are grateful to be a legal partner in Aino’s activities and events.

Pusku is a company specializing in demanding construction projects. Pusku, together with its subcontractors, makes up over 80 professionals. Pusku’s operations are guided by certified quality management systems. Through its quality system and state-of-the-art, efficient equipment, Pusku takes responsibility not only for quality work but also for the environment. www.pusku.fi

Arvo Piiroinen Oy

“A quick response made the difference”

“Expertise, a professional way of handling things and responding quickly, these are the reasons we started working with Fenno – and we are very satisfied with the service we have received. Knowledge of company and labour law are especially important to us.”

Risto Piiroinen, CEO,
Arvo Piiroinen Oy

EmCe Solution Partner Oy

“Strong expertise in the field”

“An analytical way of thinking and a strong expertise in the field are qualities that have caused us to deepen our cooperation with Fenno as time has passed. With their help we have been able to solve many conflicts through negotiations without tying up our resources, as would have happened before. I believe our cooperation will go very well in the future, too.”

Markus Backlund, CEO,
EmCe Solution Partner Oy

Graphic Concrete Oy

“An innovative enterprise needs a flexible partner”

Graphic Concrete Oy is a strongly growing domestic company that is becoming more and more international. Our operations are based on a Finnish innovation – graphic concrete! It is a patented technology that allows us to produce durable pictures and patterns on different kinds of concrete element surfaces very cost-efficiently. The results are facades, walls and pavements that inspire the surroundings and allow architects to make use of their visual creativity. Graphic concrete has already been used in Europe, Asia, Australia and America, ranging from industrial buildings to works of art.

“We are becoming more international at a quick pace, which meant that we needed legal aid, and we chose Fenno purely through word of mouth. We are glad our choice turned out to be correct, because a unique company like this needs a similar partner, not some group set in the same old ways.”

“We practically need legal aid all the time, mostly in matters related to international contract law. Fenno’s experts have much experience and expertise in just those, so we have avoided contract disputes so far.”

“The service we receive is good, quick and flexible. Our partner understands our business, the atmosphere is relaxed, they get to work quickly and they make new versions of things in good spirits until they get it just right.”

Harri Lanning, CEO,
Graphic Concrete Oy

LEAD Partners Oy

“Strong experience in insolvency”

“Fenno’s long-term and thorough experience in debt restructuring and insolvency processes is an excellent complement to our own expertise. Their practical and active way of working matches our working habits. This is why we have already worked successfully together for years, and our cooperation has always been seamless.”

Antti Kojola, CEO,
LEAD Partners Oy


“Good quality-price ratio”

“It was very important for us to find a reliable partner that can solve all Finland-related legal problems our customers have – quickly and at a reasonable price. We have noticed that we have a lot in common: quick response, personal approach, economic way of thinking, high quality and a good quality-price ratio. This is why we can send our own important and long-term customers to Fenno without worries”

Jüri Sirel, managing partner,

Suntrica Oy

“Understanding of international trade”

“We have customers all over the globe, so we need legal experts that have a deep understanding of international trade and treaties. We especially use Fenno’s services in matters related to contracts – and they serve us with heart and rock-solid competence. They answer our questions quickly, start working briskly and are easy to work with. Their dedication and caring make us feel like important customers.”

Merja von Weissenberg, CFO,
Suntrica Oy

The Equestrian Federation of Finland

“Know how to concentrate on what matters”

“It was important for us to find a partner with equestrian knowledge. We found that in Fenno and got a well-functioning companionship. The best parts of our cooperation are open dialogue and the careful consideration of different options when problems arise. I have noticed that Fenno focuses on what matters!”

Fred Sundwall, general secretary,
The Equestrian Federation of Finland Ry

Haanpaa Link Oy

“Handles even small assignments well”

“We especially value the reliability that shows in everything Fenno does – also in the fact that they handle small assignments with same thoroughness as the large ones. The cornerstones of our operation are contracts related to company law with our customers and employees, as well as acquisitions. They always provide what they have promised in time.”

Vesa Itkonen, Chief Executive Officer,
Haanpaa Link Oy

Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy

“Effective and flexible”

“We had heard of Fenno’s effective operations from our partners, so when we needed legal aid, we asked if they were interested in working with us. The most important thing for us is the understanding of international company reorganizations – and this is what they have definitely delivered.
We are very satisfied with their expertise and flexible service.”

Leena Malmivirta, Financial Manager,
Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy

Palo- ja Vesitekniikka PA-VE Oy

“Moni asia helpottuu, kun voi heti kysyä asiantuntijalta”
“Many things are easier when you can ask an expert right away”

KPalo- ja Vesitekniikka PA-VE Oy in Central Finland plans, manufactures and offers safe water supply products and solutions to their customers all over Finland. The operation is large in scale, ranging from making rotational moulding products as a subcontractor to producing turnkey water supply solutions for new and renovation projects. Our customers include private individuals, water cooperatives, contractors, companies and municipal water supplies. Whether we are talking about a large city, summer cottage, fire hydrant, pumping station, pump or small-scale wastewater cleaner, our solution is always cost-efficient and ecological.

“We started working with Fenno when we had a couple of contract issues at the same time. The other was about an official municipal tendering process and the other was related to data communication services. Both were solved in our advantage without the need for trials when we asked a legal expert for assistance.”

“We do not usually have larger legal issues, just normal guidance and consulting related to employment, retirement and benefits, for example. It is a great help to our operation when you can call a familiar lawyer at any time and make sure that your approach is lawful.”

“I think that Fenno’s services are absolutely excellent. We also have the same values: the basis of our operation is an honest mind. But that certainly does not mean that misunderstandings do not happen sometimes, or that interpretations would not need to be evaluated. You should always be careful.”

Jarmo Larkio, CEO,
Palo- ja Vesitekniikka PA-VE Oy

E-Sports Group

“Our own lawyer is always available”

E-Sports Group Oy is a lincence-holder for Exel’s sports products, or their manufacturer. Exel is a Finnish top brand known throughout the sports world for its high-quality floorball sticks and sticks for cross-country and alpine skiing, Nordic walking, roller blading and mountaineering. In addition to its strong traditions, Exel’s strength lies in innovation – the latest being the Curve skiing stick, which is esteemed the most remarkable breakthrough in stick technology since Exel’s carbon fibre sticks!

“We have factories and retailers all over the world, which means that we constantly need legal aid in contract law. We make manufacturer and wholesale contract all the time, meaning that we require understanding of each country’s legislation and contract law. Fenno has plenty of international experience and expertise in this area.”

“We have also needed legal help for our own financing solutions and the capitalization of the company, and Fenno also has know-how in these matters. They also help us in basic routines, such as legal inspections of board decisions. It is important to do everything by the book.”

“Our experiences are very good. Fenno’s service is quick and flexible. We have been appointed our own lawyer, who is always easily available and also has decision making power, which makes thing run smoothly.”

“Our need for legal assistance will only grow in the future. Patent issues are among the things where we need legal aid, for example. We must keep our eye on patent infringements and take legal action, if necessary.”

Timo Vaskio, chairman of the board,
E-Sports Group Oy

YritysVoimala Oy

“We have been suggesting Fenno for our clients for several years. Fenno has handled contract law for clients in our area, among others.”

“Fenno is a knowledgeable and customer-oriented office. Customers get a good service quickly and expertly. The cooperation with Fenno has worked well and we have organized several seminars and briefings for our customers. We are pleased with our cooperation and Fenno’s operations.”

Erkki Taskinen, CEO,
YritysVoimala Oy