Services for businesses

Fenno’s customers range from start-ups to listed companies. Our services include all business law services from founding a company to mergers and acquisitions.

Fenno’s experts have a wide range of experience of how companies of different fields function and how their legal matters are handled. The basis of our operation is understanding the whole and using this to offer our customers legal services that are of the highest possible quality and produce the maximum added value. Our experienced team can also handle arrangements that require special resources, as well as international perspective.

Each assignment is equally important to us, regardless of if your enterprise is large or small, new or old!

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Consultation in company law is one of the cornerstones of our operation. We cover problem solving in all stages of the company’s life cycle from its foundation to the legal matters that rise during its operation. We often take part in assisting our client companies in times of change, such as mergers and acquisitions.

Fenno’s extensive company law services also include handling the tasks of the secretary of the board of directors of our client companies in addition to other legal services.

Our customers range from entrepreneurs to listed companies. We also strongly support entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Our typical company law assignments include:

  • founding companies
  • shareholder’s agreements
  • capitalization (e.g. share issues)
  • changes in company form
  • mergers and demergers
  • consulting the management in daily legal questions
  • creating an incentive scheme
  • handling the tasks of the secretary of the board of directors
  • drawing up business contracts and standard terms of business or of delivery (e.g. agency, retail and distribution agreements and different kinds of sales contracts)

We aim to have long-lasting relationships with our customers and to serve them personally. We will provide your company with the best possible aid for any situation. Contact us and ask for more information!

Fenno assists companies ranging from start-ups to listed companies. Drafting a contract often requires, in addition to legal know-how, understanding of financial matters and the business world in general. Our aim is to make contracts and engagements that serve the every-day operations of our customers.

Our experts have experience from multiple fields, which guarantees our customers extensive and well-proportioned contracts. Small enterprises should not use contracts or forms that are too heavy and aimed for e.g. international trade.

Typical contracts we prepare include:

  • distribution agreements
  • procurement and manufacturing contracts
  • representation and agency contracts
  • licensing agreements
  • shareholder’s agreements
  • IT agreements
  • consulting agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • cooperation agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • all kinds of sales contracts

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Company restructuring always include contracts and tax issues, but strong negotiation skills and the ability to compromise are often also needed. Fenno’s experts have successfully participated in numerous company restructuring from one entrepreneurships to international listed companies.

We at Fenno have created a practical model for handling company reorganizations which allows us to manage different kinds and sizes of acquisitions, generational changes, mergers and demergers cost-effectively. Our experts have sufficient know-how in tax law to handle even challenging tax law issues.

Fenno’s experts have represented buyers, sellers, investors and financiers in these arrangements.

Your cause is important to us, whether the scope of the arrangement is small or measured in millions. Contact us and don’t hesitate to ask for more information about our company reorganization services!




Financial arrangements require financial know-how in addition to legal expertise, but it is especially important to understand the procedures of fields and the financial and collateral options related to them.

Many Fenno employees have had long-term working experience in the banking and financial sector before they started practising law. We are experienced in arranging project financing, contractor bonds or e.g. letter of credit solutions for international trade.

Fenno’s experts advise both Creditors and Debtors regularly.

Arrangements Fenno handles regularly include:

  • Equity investments and arrangements
  • Debt financing
    • Subordinated loans
    • Mezzanine financing
    • Option loans and arrangements
    • Project financing
    • Leasing arrangements
    • Hire purchase financing
    • Financing agreements
    • Debt rearrangements
    • Crowdfunding
  • Collaterals
    • Pledges
    • Applying for collateral and bearer notes
    • Collateral agreements and pooling agreements
    • Documents and collections related to guarantees
    • Realization of collaterals

We have also represented Lenders in preparing standard terms concerning promissory notes, collateral and guarantee documents.

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Matters related to tax law are an integral part of a company’s business and decision making. Tax issues are often at the centre of acquisitions and especially in generational changes. Tax planning is used not just to optimize taxes, but also to ensure that the decisions also follow other laws, such as the Limited Liability Companies Act.

Our tax law experts offer you tax solutions that support our customers in every-day business and possible special situations.

Fenno’s experts offer professional tax advise in the fields of company and personal taxation. We advise and assist our customers in the following issues related to tax law, for example:

  • Domestic and international tax counselling and planning for companies and private individuals.
  • Entrepreneur’s taxation, its planning and related issues, such as questions about the distribution of dividends.
  • Tax planning and assistance in company rearrangements including generational changes.
  • Assistance in dealing with the Tax Administration, e.g. appeals, answers and accounts, as well as assistance in tax inspections.

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Issues related to the compensation for damages are an integral part of our operations, whether we are talking about compensations for damages related to business activity or issues about the actions of private individuals. We handle settlements as well as litigation related to compensation for damages.

The lawyers of our office constantly handle assignments and litigations related to contracts and other liabilities. Using the experience we have gathered for years, we can usually estimate in advance if the claim for damages should be made, or how to deal with a claim against you. In addition, we handle assignments related to insurance compensations and personal injuries.

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