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Rakennuskemia Oy

Rakennuskemia is a well-established family company from Hyvinkää that develops, sells and markets construction, renovation and home care products in Finland and internationally. Most of the products in the building chemicals family are familiar to us on store shelves. As Fennoans, we are very pleased to be able to work with innovative internationalizing companies such as Rakennuskemia!

Matricomp Oy

Matricomp Oy is an engineering company specialized in manufacturing technology and design, offering its clients services from product idea to finished product. In addition, Matricomp Oy is known for its expertise in composite. Matricomp Oy’s designers are known for their composite products and solutions both in Finland and internationally.

Maarakennusliike Pusku Oy

Pusku is a company specializing in demanding construction projects. Together with its subcontractors, Pusku makes up over 80 professionals. Pusku’s operations are guided by certified quality management systems. Through its quality system and state-of-the-art, efficient equipment, Pusku takes responsibility not only for quality work but also for the environment.

Metsä-Multia Oy

Metsä-Multia Oy is known for its comprehensive, reliable, biodiversity-friendly service in the logging industry. Metsä-Multia Oy currently employs about 70 forest professionals. In January 2017, Metsä-Multia Oy and its entrepreneurial brothers Aki and Kai Laaja received the Central Finland Entrepreneurship Award.

Ratsastuskeskus Aino

Ratsastuskeskus Aino is an exceptional equestrian center in Finland, which combines an internationally competitive racing milieu with over 1,000 spectators, a riding school, conference facilities and a restaurant under one roof. Two heated mannequins add to the enjoyment of riding.